Engage patients with virtual consultations

See new patients and increase efficiency by triaging and optimizing your appointment schedule with Adent’s platform. Virtual consultations allow your clinic to serve patients remotely and efficiently with the support of artificial intelligence.


How does it work?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Patient visits clinic website and submits smile images.

Clinic completes smile assessment.

The patient receives a smile assessment and books appointment.

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clinic portal
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Increase efficiency with artificial intelligence 

Adent Health’s artificial intelligence engine allows you to spend your time where it counts the most. A comprehensive oral analysis report is automatically generated for each patient. Know what to expect and plan your schedule accordingly based on the submitted images and information.

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Registered medical device 

The software is
registered as a CE marked
medical device.



Compliance with international
standards in privacy and
data security, incl. GDPR and HIPAA

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Video consultations


Secure video
consultations supported
on the platform.

Transform your patient journey with virtual consultations and artificial intelligence. The platform is available on any device without a download, and available as iOS and Android apps.